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I NEED THE HANDSHAKES is an intimate film that uses subtle and poetic approach to create a story about the sacrifice and love of an elderly mother who is caring for her sick daughter. I need the handshakes is a film about struggle and the will to live. He touches the delicate issues of abandonment and illness, and with a sensitive documentary approach he manages to carefully penetrate the complex inner world of a woman who has been bedridden all her life, causing a strong emotional experience in the viewers.

For a montage procedure that, with a careful selection of takes, preserves the persuasiveness of the actor's expression, and in discreet way contributes to a story that breaks the taboo of sexuality of people with disabilities. Film Alive gives dignity to the characters, avoiding clichés, leading viewers to reject their own prejudices.

Povezujući realistične šumove i afričke ritmove, zvuk prati svedenu animaciju dočaravajući autentičnu avanturu lova.

In a hilarious way, the Macedonian comedy Stickers is taking us through the odyssey of an ordinary father, determined to show love to his daughter, he confronts us with a dysfunctional, corrupt bureaucratic system.

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